The Middle Township Police Department Communications Center is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by full time Public Safety Telecommunication Operators. They are the initial point of contact for a majority of the public requiring police services. They are an extremely vital component in delivering effective police services to the community and their dedication and importance should not be overlooked. Often times they are required to maintain a reassuring and calming demeanor in the face of extraordinary circumstances in order to assist the caller and the police officer responding to an emergency. All of the Public Safety Telecommunication Operators are required to receive and maintain certification by the Office of Emergency Telecommunications Services in the Department of Law and Public Safety. Some of the examples of work performed include:

  • Receive and respond to telephone requests for emergency services
  • In response to medical emergencies, provide First Aid or CPR instructions to stabilize the medical condition of persons until the arrival of medical assistance.
  • Relay all vital information to responding police officers
  • Utilize radio, telephone, or other electronic equipment to dispatch specific law enforcement, fire department or medical units to the scene of an emergency.
  • Refer non-emergency situations to the appropriate public or private agencies
  • Make data entries into the police department’s computer system as well as various systems databases such as the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and the State Crime Information Center (SCIC).

The Middle Township Police Department employs nine 9 full time Telecommunication Operators, 2 assigned to each of the four patrol squads. The 9th operator is a “floater” who is used to cover vacations, training, illness, etc… (Keeping overtime to a minimum). The department employs an additional four 4 part time communications operators. It is mandatory that at all times there are two 2 operators present in the dispatch center.

*Communications Operator Joseph Russo resigned his full-time status as of 08/01/10 and continued on as a part-timer until resigning completely on 12/28/10. Part-timer Lauren Long became a full-timer as of September 2010 to fill Dispatcher Russo’s position.

New part-timers Jacob Loefflad and Jennifer Rutherford were brought on board as of 05/08/10. They replaced part-timers Joseph Russo and Maureen Leitenberger who left during 2010. Part-timer Brenda Camp never returned to work in 2010; she was eventually replaced by part-timer Brittany Linz during December 2010.

In November of 2010 the Communications Center was completely renovated and upgraded. All computers, servers were moved to a separate room and every line and connection was tagged for future reference. This will allow for easier access to troubleshoot software and hardware issues and allow for easier cleaning of the equipment, which will result in a longer useful life of the equipment. All walls, counters, flooring, ceiling and lighting were also replaced.

The following qualified and dedicated employees fill this highly important and stressful position as of 12/31/10:

Senior Operator Diane Shinn Senior Operator Madonna Sill
Senior Operator Jennifer Graham Senior Operator Keith Woodrow
Operator Bob Eagan Operator Bill Mulligan
Operator Dustin Gaskill Operator Ted Farina
Operator Lauren Long P/T Operator Lauren Anzelone
P/T Operator Jacob Loefflad P/T Jennifer Rutherford
P/T Operator Brittany Linz