Major Crimes Unit

The Detective Division, otherwise known as the Major Crime Unit (MCU), is charged withthe responsibility of reviewing all incident reports and activities in order to prioritize and investigate criminal activity. Detectives work cases that are either assigned to them or come to them while on duty or on-call. They also initiate case investigations.

The Detective Division also conducts any and all police recruit, police employee employment background investigations. The Division also assists the Middle Township Business Administrator and his staff in conducting any and all needed internal Township wide investigations. The unit handled numerous Aggravated Assaults, Sexual Offenses and Missing Person cases. It also conducts all background checks for those seeking Firearm ID cards and/or handgun permits. 

The division works on a number of open cases, such as the Mark Himebaugh and Craig White investigations, with various agencies including the FBI, New Jersey State Police and Cape May County Prosecutors Office. Anyone with information on the above cases is asked to contact the Major Crimes Unit at 609-465-8704.